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Cee Pee

In operation since 2015, the products housed under the Brand Cee Pee has served more than 8000 happy customers. The products under Cee Pee were brought to the market sensing the void left by large national and multinational brands in the areas of affordability, serviceability and accessibility.

Products marketed under Cee Pee includes LED TVs, Speakers and Music systems, and Air Coolers. The LED TVs ranging from 24 inchers to 65 inchers, with the option of Smart TVs, have proven to be widely accepted by customers in the region of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh, India.

All of our products are manufactured in India. Unlike many other brands, small and large, operating in the country, we promise 100% serviciability of all our products

About Us
About Us


Akiko is the affordable cousin of Cee Pee. Akiko solely deals in LED TVs with considerable gap in pricing. In operation since 2019, Akiko stands for Sparkle in the Japanese Langueage.

Akiko speacializes in affordable LED TVs. Manufactured in India we promise 100% serviciability of all our products.

The LED TVs ranges from 24 inchers to 50 inchers including Smart and Normal LED TVs.